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Eco Secondary Glazing Installation

Eco Secondary Glazing Range


Please read these instructions before you begin the installation.

PLEASE NOTE: Where heavier grade plastics are being used (e.g 6mm, 8mm etc.) it may be advisable to use additional mechanical support such as wooden side batons/supports and not to rely on the adhesive properties of the magnetic tape alone.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone on 01-835 6913

Installation depends on your window design. Below is an example of one design.

ecoglaze window frame

1. Each polycarbonate/acrylic glazing sheet is protected on both surfaces by a self-adhesive film. Leave these protection films on the sheet until you are ready to fit it – it will protect the sheet surface from scratches.
2. The self-adhesive magnetic tape comes in either White or Brown – Type “A” and Type “B”. Type “A” is magnetic and has a BROWN  OR WHITE surface and Type “B” is white steel. Type “A” must be matched to Type “B” – or you will have no magnetic effect. The magnetic tape is easily cut with scissors or a craft knife.
3. When using Brown magnetic, Type “B” tape will be White.
4. The adhesive side of the magnetic tape is covered by a film. This film is removed to apply the tape to the surface of the glazing panel or to the window frame.

How To Measure your window                       Handle Magnetic Strip

When you are ready to fit the secondary glazing:

Fitting the Secondary Glazing

1. First check that the glazing sheet is the correct size by placing it temporarily on the window. Hopefully, you have ordered the correct size of sheet. If not, it can be trimmed to the correct size using a fine-toothed wood saw. Make sure that the saw is sharp and that the sheet is well supported during any cutting operation.

2. On one side of the sheet peel back the 4 edges of the surface protection film by 3 to 5 cm.

3. Cut 4 lengths of Type ”A” magnetic tape. Remove the film backing on the tape and fit it to the outer edge of the sheet so that there is a continuous strip of tape around the edge of the sheet. DO NOT overlap the tape – a uniform thickness is needed to give a good seal to the window frame. The magnetic tape can easily be cut with a pair of scissors or a sharp craft knife.

4. Next, cut 4 pieces of Type “B” steel tape to the same lengths as those used in “c” above. Place the type “B” tape on top of the type “A” so that the tapes are held together by magnetic attraction.

Important: Clean and Dry thoroughly the surface around the window frame onto which you will be sticking the magnetic tape. using methylated spirits or a similar degreaser.

Finishing the Secondary Glazing Installation

1. Remove the surface protection film from the side of the sheet having the magnetic tape. Do this slowly to reduce static. Also remove the film backing from the Type “B” steel tape.

2. Line up the panel against the frame using supports where possible – or better still – an extra pair of hands.

3. When you are sure you have the panel exactly where you want it, apply light pressure only in case the panel needs to be repositioned.

4. When you are positive your panel is exactly where you want it, run round the edge applying as much pressure as possible. You can do this simply with your fingers – or you can use a narrow wallpaper roller.

5.Finally, remove the surface protection film from the outside of the sheet. If you do this reasonably slowly it will minimise any static electricity, which can attract dust. However, if this does happen, clean the surface using some furniture polish such as Pledge or similar. Use a SOFT cloth – microfibre is ideal. The polish will remove the static and the soft, non-abrasive cloth will get rid of the dust.



Do I need any special training or tools?

It is a DIY application which does not require any special tools. If using the PVC edging strip, this can be cut with a hack saw or fine saw blade. A domestic scissors is sufficient to cut both rolls included in the magnetic tape kit.

Should it be fitted indoors or outdoors?

Plastic panels used with magnetic tape should only be fitted indoors. While technically, the panels would adhere on the outside using magnetic tape, climatic factors may affect the magnetic adhesion of the tape. If using perspex outdoors, use wooden batons to fix sheet in place and not magnetic tape.

Hints & Tips

If using the edging strip, why not try mitred corners i.e. cut 45° angles at the corners

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