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 Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the massive rise in demand for our plastic products, we have had to temper our online ordering system to stem the massive demand which we were inundated with early on. Whilst we are working as hard as possible to process, both standard and customised orders for screens, we have a core of business which must also be catered for and so we will be manufacturing our screens on a regular but time spaced basis. We will be processing orders ahead of production and will be producing stock beyond this every week to 10 days.

These are extraordinary times and we would thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult period for all!



Access Plastics Manufacturing &

Access Plastics Manufacturing and 365Displays are one of Ireland's leading custom fabricators of thermal plastics. With over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, the company has evolved as a one stop shop for any and all custom fabrications. Catering to a large variety of industries, with products that range from display, merchandising, point of sale, industrial components, signage, protective guarding, to clean room equipment and much much more. With vast experience and expertise in thermo plastics, 365displays offers tailored solutions to individual requirements.



With support from some of the biggest mills in the world, the highest quality product is guaranteed. The Access Plastics Group are the Irish distributors for Evonic & PLEXIGLAS ®, amongst others. An extensive range of equipment, including table saws, 3D CNC routers, edge profiling, overhead and table routers, diamond, falme and buff polishers and an array or crafted drilling equipment, ensures that each product is completed to the highest manufacturing standards. Customised gig manufacturing processes allow for the production of multiple bends simutaniously, which greatly reduces costs in addition to hot air welding for industrial applications. 365 Displays provides a complete service including printing, graphic application and painting. APM caters for online sales though the highly succesful



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