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Brochure Holders

Brochure Holders


Brochure Holders & Leaflet Holders

365Displays offer customers the oppurtunity to purchae Brochure Dispensers & Leaflet Holders online. Below is a wide range of available products that are ready to be picked off the shelf & delivered/collected immeditiely. Our range covers all sorts of displays weather its wallmounted, freestanding or other. These cheap but effective products are a great way of achieving maximum outcome for your sales. 

Commonly used throughout resturants & public houses nationwide the products below can help advertise & list prices, menu's and information notices. The staff at 365Displays have looked closely at suppliers & pricing structures to give you our customer the best prices. Trade Pricing is also availble on request for those who are looking to purchase individual products in bulk.



  1. L-Shaped Leaflet Holder

    €2.64 excl VAT

    The L-Shaped Leaflet holder is one of our most popular products when it comes to single page leaflet holders. Available in a variety of sizes these transparent displays are ideal for advertising promotions, events or price lists. Commonly found in restaurants or Bars these transparent units are mass produced in-house & have allowed us to sell at a cheap competitive price. Available Sizes Include: - 1/3rd A4 (DL) L-Shape Leaflet Holder - A5 L-Shape Leaflet Holder - A4 L-Shape Leaflet Holder - A3 L-Shape Leaflet Holder

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  2. Freestanding Brochure Dispenser

    €2.70 excl VAT

    Freestanding Brochure Dispenser: Our Freestanding Dispenser is a great way to both advertise & attract potential customers to your business. Commonly found on trade counters, reception desks & hotel lobbies these transparent displays come in a variety of sizes & orientations. Fabricated from a polyester resin & injected into a mould these units are mass produced to compete at a cheap competitive price. Its freestanding design keeps the page holder stable & upright regardless of whether it’s empty or full. This lightweight robust dispenser can hold up to 32mm worth of content & comes fully assembled.

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  3. Wall Mounted Brochure Dispenser

    €2.79 excl VAT

    Another unit mass produced & formed with injected polyester resin, these Wall mounted brochure dispensers can be fixed to any flat surface regardless of its location. Commonly found in lobbies and hallways these clear transparent pockets are ideal for brochures, catalogues & menu’s etc. Each Wall mounted dispenser comes with mounting holes already provided & are available in a variety of sizes. The pocket itself allows up to 32mm worth of pages or leaflets and are easily installed. When mounting just align the unit in place and pencil mark where your mounting holes should be. Using the outline of the mounting holes screw in the relevant fixings until tightly secure & repeat.

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  4. T-Shaped Leaflet Holder

    €3.33 excl VAT

    T-Shape Leaflet Holder: The T-Shape Leaflet Holder is just one design of many available from 365Displays. Ideal for displaying price list’s & special offers among trade counters, tables & receptions these transparent acrylic page holders are found scattered across the country in all Pubs, clubs & hotels. To keep competitive these leaflet displays are mass produced in house in variety of sizes & orientations. If you have a promotional campaign or event you are looking to advertise these cheap but effective units are perfect for getting the word out.

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Acrylic Brochure Holders & Leaflet Displays


Acrylic literature holders are a great choice over other types of displays for your leaflets, notices or brochures. Their clear design make them not only stylish, but extremely functional and their durability are one of the main reasons why they continue to be so popular. They are simply a great way to professionally present brochures whilst providing easy access to promotional and marketing information.


Sometimes referred to as plastic brochure dispensers, there are a variety of acrylic displays for counter top, table top or slatwalls, that come in single and multi-pocket options. They are also available in a variety of sizes including DL, A3, A4, & A5. We can of course manufacture to your requirement if any of these sizes don’t fit your needs.


Brochure Leaflet Holders

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