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Snap Frames

Snap Frames

Snap Click Frames & Snap Poster Frame Replacement Covers


Snap Frames from 365displays bring a new dimension of performance and advertising to the retail sector. Ideal for promoting & advertising, they are a cheap and effective way to build both product and brand awareness.


Our wide range of Snap Frames are not only available in a variety of sizes but also meet multi-functional purposes. 365Displays work closely with Snap Frame suppliers to pin-point exactly what customers are looking for & continue to purchase products in bulk to gain the most competitive pricing nationwide. Below are a list of what we have to offer and for further information just continue to browse through a product that might meet your requirements.


  1. Snap Frame Replacement Covers

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    The Replacement Cover from 365Displays is a great way to make the most of your recent Snap Frame Purchase! Over time with weathering & vandalism your Snap Frame may begin to deteriorate. However with the Replacement Cover this problem can be resolved without the need of either purchasing a new frame or dismounting the original from it's location.

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Snap Frames & Snap Frame Replacement Covers


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Snap Frames for Posters with Easy-Change, Front-Loading Designs

Our range of snap frames are a great way to display posters and any other printed promotional signage. They have a major advantage over traditional frames, as their front loading design allow for easy access to your graphics. With 4 independently opening sides, snap poster frames can be easily accessible, whether they are wall mounted, placed on a sales floor or even hung from a ceiling. This makes is very easy for staff to keep the displays updated wit the latest offers and news, without having to remove the frames from the wall, thereby saving both time and money.

snap frames IrelandThis is one of the main reasons that snap frames are one of the most popular products we sell. One of the main advantages of these poster holders is that the look and act like traditional frames, but the secret to their success is their spring loaded action clips, which lies just under neath their aluminium frame sides.

The springs themselves are a simple design, that just works. They actually look like small rectangular pieces of thin steel and once they are pressed, spring loaded tension is achieved allowing the frame to easily snap open and closed. Once opened you simply remove the non glare lens, insert your graphic or poster on top of the back panel, replace the lens and close the sides to hold it all in place. the whole process couldn't be simpler or easier and usually takes less than 30 seconds to complete.


All our snap frames are wall mountable and come in a wide variety of sizes typically from A5 to A0. The additional features include, coloured snap frames, snap frames which are lockable, preventing unauthorised access to your graphics, heavy duty poster cases for outdoor use and light boxes for illuminated displays.


If you need any assistance or have any queries about snap frames or snap frame replacement covers, just call our friendly team on 01 849 9096 and we would be happy to help.


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